Frequently asked questions


What is your return policy on purchased items?

We do not acceot returns. You have 21 days with the tags still on the item to exhange for a different size or color. Must have original recipet.The items ust be unwashed or unworn.

Can I place an item on hold?

Yes! You have 24 hours from the time we confirm with you to pick up the item. After the 24 hours we will put it back on the shelves.

Can I return/cancel a special order?

No, all special orders are FINAL SALE. They were specifaclly for you and we are unable to re-sell it. You are responsible for the balance if there is one.

Can I purchase a tuxedo for my wedding and the groomsmen rent?

If you're interested in Allure Mens or Ike Behar then yes! Those two designers are the only ones who have a buying option.

Can I purchase an item that I saw on OMA's social media?

Yes! Just send us an email or call us to make sure it's still in stock or if we can order it. Once we confirm we have it or can get it we will go from there!


What if I need to cancel my rental?

Please contact Off Main Apparel at least three week before the event. You will forfit the amount that you already paid for. If it's less then three weeks, and the renal has shipped, or is in the store and has a balance you are fully responsible for the balance of your rental.

How does renting work?

Please refer to our tuxedo tab or contact us if you have any questions!

What if my groomsmen are out-of-state?

We can defintley accommodate them! Step 1 - They can go get measured at a reliable/professional rental location. There is a sheet attached of all the information we will need! Step 2 - They'll fill out the sheet and call or e-mail Off Main Apparel directly so we can go over the sizes they provided and take a deposit. Step 3 - When the rentals come in theirs will be at our store for pick up. It's that easy!